Absence and Presence: MFA

Artist Statement:

While pursuing my MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts, my art and research practice focused on the ways in which memory functions and how we store and recall memories of our past. The ability to remember comes not only from presence but also from what is absent. Memory, remembering and forgetting are closely linked on an individual and collective level. Our recollections however are often fictional and what we choose to store is subjective in nature. My artistic practice continually challenges the question “What is the truth of our memories?”

My work explored the reconstructed memory of my personal life which is often projected through my use of found photography. I collect images of people. I consider their photographs not as artefacts but as fragments of who they were. I recreate their presence in the absence of their being. Subsequently I use these found images to rebuild or replace my memory and identity. I explore the varied ways in which my art produces and processes the past through painting mediums and constructed objects.