GOLDEN Workshops and Lectures

Golden Working Artist
Golden Artist Colors, Inc., is a wonderful resource for any artist. I am proud to be a member of Golden’s Certified Working Artist Program. Golden has a superior line of paints and related products. Visit their website for information on the products and great video tutorials as well. 

Workshops and Lectures Flyer_Shari Pratt

Lectures are designed for schools, colleges/universities, art guilds, art associations, art centers, art organizations and art retail outlets to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for acrylics and Golden products. Lectures are FREE and entail:

The Golden lecture and demonstration is a two-hour free educational presentation on Golden acrylic paints and all the related mediums, gels and pastes! The lecture covers information about the different types of pigments, paint formulations and their viscosities, as well as gels, pastes, grounds, color mixing, drying time, health & safety concerns, and much more. Various acrylic materials and techniques will be demonstrated to enrich your understanding of the medium, among these you will learn basic tips for how to extend paint to save money and how to mix paints with gels and pastes to create exciting textures. We will also discuss Golden’s newest products, including the QoR Watercolors, High Flow Acrylics and the Open Acrylics. We will also touch on Golden’s Williamsburg Handmade Oil Paints. Discover the possibilities and become inspired with how these fabulous materials can be added to your own creative process. Each attendee will receive free literature and an information packet and a free bag of paint samples to take home!

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Workshops are a great “Hands-On” way to learn about new techniques, specific skills, connect with other artists, and find out about new materials and products. Workshops are available Worldwide in all mediums for schools, colleges/universities, art guilds, art associations, art centers, art organizations, and business team building.
As I have been teaching art now for over 25 years, there are many possibilities for workshops from Basic to Advanced that cover many different mediums including: acrylic, watercolour, oil, printmaking, encaustics, drawing, mixed-media, collage and much more… Workshops can be designed to fit your needs and skills. Examples of the types of Workshops that can be offered can be found at: Workshops and Lectures Flyer_Shari Pratt

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